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226 PABST, Gustav & Otto MÜLLER: Cryptogamen-Flora enthaltend die Abbildung und Beschreibung der vorzüglichsten Cryptogamen Deutschlands und der angrenzenden Länder.
Die Flechten und Pilze mit circa 500 Abbildungen in Farben- und Schwarzdruck auf 39 Tafeln und mit 19 in den Text gedruckten Holzzschnitten. Gera: C. B. Grisebach 1874-1875. Folio
I. Flechten: p (i, iii), (i-iii), iv-xxviii: 12 plates
II. Pilze: p (i, iii), (1)-98: 25 chromolith. plates
Volbracht 1530; Stafleu 7175; Uellner 1305; Nissen 1427; Krieger p 165. - First edition of the first two parts of this work, later completed with a part on mosses (Die Lebermoose, 1877). "The plates are so accurat that they resemble to copper-engravings" (Junk, Rara). Good clean copy. Bound in contemporary half-cloth, binding rebacked and slightly worn. 34,5 cm
€ 200,00  In den Warenkorb
227 PACIONI, Giovanni: The Macdonalds encyclopedia of mushrooms and toadstools. U. S. Londion: Little Brown 1985
(1-9), 10-511: col. photos and col. figs
Original paperback; 19 cm
€ 12,00  In den Warenkorb

228 PEARSON, Arthur Anselm: Hommage aux mycologues français. (Presidential address). Ex: Transactions of the British mycological Society. Vol. 36 (1), 1953
1-12: portait
Wrappers; 23 cm
€ 15,00  In den Warenkorb

229 PECK, Charles Horton: Report of the state botanist on edible and poisonous fungi of New York 1895-99. Albany: Memoirs of the New York State Museum Vol 3:4, 1900. Folio
p (i-iv), (1)-234: 25 chromolith. plates (nos 44-68)
Volbracht 1567; Stafleu 7601, 7595 (1895-1898); Krieger p 172. - Original hardcover, spine rubbed; 29,8 x 23,7 cm
€ 60,00  In den Warenkorb

230 PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik: Synopsis methodica fungorum. Sistens enumerationem omnium hucusque detectarum specierum, cum brevibus descriptionibus nec non synonymis et observationibus selectis. AND: Index botanicus sistens omnes fungorum species in D. C. H. Persoonii synopsi methodica fungorum enumeratas una cum varietatibus et synonymis, confectus D. G. H. L. (Georg Hermann Lühnemann). Gottingae: Apud Henricum Dieterich 1801-1808. small 8vo
p (i)-xxx, (1)-240, (i-ii, title of pars secunda), (241)-706, (1-2, index generum): 5 plates; p (i), (1-34, index).
Volbracht 1584; Stafleu 7730; Junk, Rara p 141; Krieger p 174 (without index); Pfister p 101, p 84 (Lühnemann). - One of the starting points of mycological taxonomy, in the scarce original printing. The copy includes the rare index by Lünemann. First pages browned in margins, a few spotting here and there. Nice contemporary leather, back gilt, slightly rubbed. 17x 12 cm
€ 900,00  In den Warenkorb

231 PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik: Traité sur les champignons comestibles, contenant l'indication des espèces nuisibles; précédé d'une introduction à l'histoire des champignons. Avec quatre planches coloriées. Paris: chez Belin-Leprieur 1819
p (1-5), 6-276, (277-278, err.): 4 engraved and folded hand-coloured plates
Volbracht 1587; Stafleu 7734; Junk, Rara p 171; Uellner 1334; Pfister p 102. - The only work by the "Prince of Mycology" on edible fungi. Persoon presents his work as the first French mycological book with concise information about edible fungi and dangerous species. He even adds many recipes for cooking various species. Uncut copy, (fore-title repaired) in old paper cover, as delivered by the printer. 21,5 cm
€ 650,00  In den Warenkorb

232 PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik: Mycologia europaea seu completa omnium fungorum in variis europaeae regionibus detectorum enumeratio, methodo naturali disposita; descriptione succinta, synonymia selecta et observationibus criticis additis. Elaborata a C. H. Persoon. Sectio prima [- tertia. Particula prima]. Cum tabulis XII [XXX] coloratis. Erlangae: impensibus Ioanni Iacobo Palmii [in libraria Palmii] 1822-1828. 3 vols. 30 hand-coloured plates engraved by Iac. Sturm, drawn by Poiteau (Sect. 2) and P. Dumenil (3)
p (i), (1)-356, (1-2, admonitio), pl. 1-12;
p (i), (1)-214, (1, corrigenda): pl. 13-22;
p (ii), (i), (1)-282: pl. 23-30
Volbracht 1588; Stafleu 7736; Uellner 1331; Nissen 1513; Junk, Rara p 171. - Rare coloured copy of this very important work. Part 3 has a second title: Monographia agaricorum, comprehendens enumerationem omnium specierum huc usque cognitarum. Colouring of plates very fine and bright. Good condition. Vol 3 with small wormholes at the beginning, not affecting the text. Binding of vol 1 loosened, a very small worm-hole on inner margin of title. Original editors boards, rubbed as always. 22,5 cm.
€ 1.700,00  In den Warenkorb
233 PHILLIPS, William: A manual of the british Discomycetes with descriptions of all the species of fungi hithero found in Britain, included in the family and illustrations of the genera. London: Kegan Paul, Trench & Co 1887
p (i-v), vi-xii, (1)-462, 12 lith. plates
Volbracht 1601; Stafleu 7873; Krieger p 176. - Rare first edition. Old exlibris. Original decoratd cloth; 18 cm
€ 110,00  In den Warenkorb
234 PIANE, Victor: Chronique mycophagique. Les petis gris. Ex Bull. Nat. et Arch. de l'Ain. 62, 1948
On edible species of Tricholoma and their preparation. Inscribed by the auhor. Wrappers; 22 cm
€ 10,00  In den Warenkorb
235 PILAT, Albert: Pleurotus Fries. Prag: Chez les éditeurs 1935
p (1)-193: 80 photogr. plates, figs
(Atlas des champignons de l'Europe 2)
Volbracht 1611; Stafleu 7935; Uellner 1367. - The French edition of this valuable monograph. Scarce, good copy in original gilt cloth; 22 x 15 cm
€ 70,00  In den Warenkorb

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