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11 BAUCH, Robert: Untersuchungen über zweisporige Hymenomyceten, I. Haploide Parthenogenesis bei Camarophyllus virgineus; II: Kerndegeneration bei einigen Clavaria-Arten. Abdruck aus Zeitschrift für Botanik, 18. Band, 1925/1926 and Archiv für Protistenkunde, 58. Band
Jena: Verlag von Gustav Fischer [1925] - 1927/
(337)-387: 2 Tafeln [Nr. II, III] und 7 Abbildungen
(285)-299: 2 Tafeln [Nr. 3, 4] und 1 Abbildung
Volbracht 91. - Inscribed by the author. Orig. wrappers; 23 cm
€ 28,00  In den Warenkorb
12 BAUDRIT, J. & M. DELPOUX & B. PORROT: La consommation des végétaux sauvages. Son intérêt, ses dangers. Paris: Laboratoires Sandoz 1965
p 3-199, (1)-15, (16, impr.), (1-16, index): col. figs
Pages 174-198 on fungi. Original hardcover; 27 cm
€ 12,00  In den Warenkorb
13 BAUER, Carlo Alberti: I funghi nella natura. Trento: Luigi Reverdito editore 1980
(1-6), 7-448, (1-15): col figs
An interesting book, combining coloured photos and reproductions of original drawings by Giacomo Bresadola from Museo Tridentino. Original cloth with dust-wrappers; 20,5 cm
€ 25,00  In den Warenkorb
14 BAUER, Wolfgang & Edzard KLAPP, Alexandra ROSENBOHM: Der Fliegenpilz. Traumkult, Märchenzauber, Mythenrausch. Aarau: AT Verlag 2000
p (1-6), 7-208: col. and plain figs
(Museum der Museen 6)
The book presents a rich view on the subject: The name of the Fliegenpilz, the tabou, the drug, ethno-pharmacological aspects, folklore and symbolic use. Paper slightly dwelled due to light waterstain in outer margin. Original hardcover with dustwrappers 27 cm
€ 30,00  In den Warenkorb

15 BECK von MANNAGETTA, Günther: Giftige und ungenießbar Pilze. Wien: Verlag Carl Gerold’s Sohn. Druck St. Nobertus-Druckerei ? 1920
3 framed coloured pictures from a wallchart
(Wandtafeln für den naturwissenschaftlichen Anschauungsunterricht, Botanik T. Vb. (Giftige und ungeniessbare Pilze))
Volbracht 105. - These rare and very nice illustrations have been drawn by the Austrian botanist and mycologist G. Beck von Mannagetta for a series of wallcharts published by Carl Gerold in Vienna from 1880 to about 1920. Later, the plates were also distributd by the editor A. Pichlers Witwe & Sohn in Vienna. The main author of Gerold's Wallcharts was Anton Hartinger, some botanical plates are signed by him and Beck. Beck died in 1921, beeing at that time Professor of Botany in Prague.
Each of his three mushroom-plates is divided in three sections. In all, 47 species of fungi are depicted in a natural landscape. Here we offer the plate of poisonous and inedible fungi with 13 species (Nr. 35-47). The plate, originally mounted on boards, has been cut in the three sections by a former owner, each framed with a passe-partout. Nice condition, corner of passe-partouts a bit creased. Each section of fungi 33 x 67 cm, passe-partouts 37 x 72 cm
€ 180,00  In den Warenkorb
16 BECKER, Georges: Funghi. Illustrazioni di Bohumil Vancura. Novara: Istituto geografico de Agostini 1986
p (1-4), 5-223, (224): col. ill.
Italian edition of the fine illustrations by Vancura, published first in 1980 by Artia, Prague. Original pictorial hard-cover; 21 cm
€ 13,00  In den Warenkorb

17 BERKELEY, Miles Joseph & Worthington George SMITH: Outlines of british fungology, containing characters of above a thousand species of fungi, and a complete list of all that have been described as natives of the British Isles. [And] Supplement by W. G. Smith. London: Reeve 1860-1891. 2 vols
p (i)-xvii, (1)-442: 24 (23 hand-coloured) plates by W. Fitch; p (i)-xii, (1)-386
Volbracht 129; Stafleu 463; Uellner 88; Krieger p 17 & 216; Nissen 148. - A fine book by the "founding father of British mycology", as the author is called by Ainsworth. Berkeley (1803-1889), was a priest, and he was, together with Cooke, the dominat mycologist in Britain during the nineteenth century. This copy has the rare supplement by Worthington G. Smith, published 30 years after the first volume and two years after Berkeley's death. Nice handcoloured plates. A few inobtrusive stamps of a naturalists society on the first pages of vol. 2. Both volumes in original cloth, old library mark on spine of volume 2; 21,5 cm
€ 310,00  In den Warenkorb

18 BERLESE, Augusto Napoleone: Icones fungorum omnium hucusque cognitorum ad usum Sylloges Saccardianae accomodatae. Vol. I. Pyrenomycetes. Lophiostomaceae ...
Abellini: Sumptibus auctoris typis Eduardi Pergola 1891-1894
p (1)-50: plates 1-3, hand-coloured lith. plates I-XXVI

Volbracht Stafleu 474; Buller p 20; Krieger p 19 (incompl.); Junk Rara 111; Traverso 161. - From the first part of this exetremely rare work on Pyrenomycetes, with 26 of the striking handcoloured lithographs. Cover of first instalment bound in at end. Ex libris J. Nash-Wortham. Modern half-leather with gilt title. 24 cm
€ 180,00  In den Warenkorb

19 BERNARD, Alain & Francis PALONG: À la poursuite du diamant noir. IFIE éditions Périgord 2014
(1-2), 3-46: col. drawings
A comic-strip with the story of a young Parisian postman who returns to his village to take over the business of his truffle grower uncle Joseph. After many adventures, authentic truffle growing succeeds. Original decorated boards; 30 cm
€ 20,00  In den Warenkorb
20 BERNARD, Alain, José SANTOS-DUSSER: Truffes impériales. Perigueux: Arka 2008
1-119: col. figs
Nice book about the Golden age of the Périgord-Truffle and its conquete of the world. With many reproductions of old truffle-labels and menus from France and original drawings by Jean-Michel Linfort. Decorated cover. 20,5 x 20,5 cm
€ 20,00  In den Warenkorb

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