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43 CAGE, John: A mycological foray / Mushroom book. Edited by Ananda Pellerin, with an essay by Kingston Trinder and texts by Isabelle Bucklow. Los Angeles: atelier éditions 2022
2 volumes: p (1)-166: photos - Portfolio with 20 folded colored mushroom-plates by Lois Long with loose overlays with text by Cage and A. H. Smith
The mycological world of the American composer John Cage, who wrote in 1954: “I have come to the conclusion that much can be learned about music by devoting oneself to the mushroom.” The composer and experimental artist was an enthusiastic amateur mycologist and mycophagist. With four other friends, he founded the New York Mycological Society. One volume with photographs and compositions, Cage's mycological-influenced Indeterminacy stories, diary excerpts and the complete transcript of Cage's 1983 performance MUSHROOMS et Variationes. Volume II is the first reproduction of Cage's Mushroom Book from 1972, a very rare in-folio-work created in collaboration with illustrator Lois Long and the mycologist Alexander H. Smith. Fine copy in original slip-case; 27 cm, folded sheets in the Mushroom book 27 x 40 cm
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44 CASPARY, Robert: Über zwei- und dreierlei Früchte einiger Schimmelpilze (Hyphomyceten). Besonderer Abdruck aus Monatsberichte der Königl. Akademie d. Wissenschaften. Berlin 1855
(1-2), 3-28: 1 folded coloured plate
Stafleu 25.013. Not in Volbracht. - Scarce. Original wrappers 22,5 cm
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45 CAVARA, Fridiano & Luigi GHIDINI: Funghi e tartufi. Descrizione, Coltivazione, Conservazione (industriale e domestica). Quinta edizione. 7 tavole in nero, 33 tavole a colori, e 18 figure nel testo. Milano: Ulrico Hoepli 1951
p (iii-ix), xv, (1-3), 4-286: 40 (33 col.) plates, 18 figs
Volbracht 330. - The author explains the best methods for conservation of truffles and other fungi. Good copy in private cloth; 21 cm
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46 CEJP, Karel: Revision of the central european species of the group Omphalia-Mycena with special regard to the czechoslovak species, I. General part [- II., part 2]
- Revise stredoevropskych druhu skupiny omphalia-mycena se zvla tnim zretelem k druhum ceskoslovenskym, monografická studie, Dil I [- DIL II]
Publications de la Faculté des sciences de l’Université Charles. 98, 1929; 104, 1930
Praha: Prirodovedecka fakulta 1929-1930
I: (1-3), 4-86: 9 figs
II: (1-3), 4-162
Volbracht 336; Stafleu 25.231. - Rare. Original wrappers (worn); 23,5 cm
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47 CEJP, Karel: Omphalia (Fr.) Quel. Praha: Chez les auteurs 1936
p (1)-152: 56 phot. plates.
(Atlas des champignons de l'Europe 4)
Volbracht 337; Stafleu 25.243; Uellner 237. - Scarce. Original half-cloth, gilt frontcover; 23 cm
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48 CEJP, Karel: Houby. Praha: Nakladatelství Ceskoslovenské Akademie Ved 1957-1958. 2 vols
p (1-6), 7-494, (495-496): portrait, 122 figs; p (1-4), 5-407, (408, impr.): 116 figs.
Standard-work in Czech language, with Latin nomenclature and an extensive bibliography. Original cloth; 23,8 cm
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49 CEJP, Karel & Vera JECHOVA: Beitrag zur Kenntnis einiger tschechoslowakischen Arten der Gattung Septoria Fries. Acta Musei nationalis Pragae Vol 23 B, 1967 Nr 4
101-123: 8 plates

Original wrappers. 24 cm
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50 CHASSAIN, Maurice: Myxomycetes. [Fascicule I]. Préface du professeur C. Vermeil. Photographies en couleurs et dessins de l'auteur. Photographies en microscopie électronique à balayage réalisées, sur les indications de l'auteur, par le service spécialisé de l'université de Nantes. Paris: éditions Lechevalier 1979. 4o
p (i-vii), i-v, 1-32, (1-4), (1-96): col. figs.

Scarce. Original cloth-folder; 27 x 21 cm
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51 CHESTERS, C. G. C. : Studies on British Pyrenomycetes. II. A comparative study of Melanomma ulvis-pyrus, M. Fuscidulum and Thyridaria rubro-notata. Repr. Trans. Brit. myc. Society Vol XXII 1,2) 1938
116-150: 2 plates
Original wrappers; 24,5 cm
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52 CIFERI, R.: Mycoflora Domingensia integrata. Pavia: Istituto della università laboratorio crittogamico 1961
(1-2), 3-537
(Quaderno numero 19)
Signed by the author on cover. Original paperback; 24 cm
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