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221 OSS, O. T. & O. N. OERIC (Terence McKENNA): Psilocybin. Magic mushrooms grower's guide. A handbook for Psilocybine enthusiasts. Drawings by Kat, photography by Irimias the Obscure. Revised edition. Berkeley, California: And/or Press 1978
p (1-6), 7-63: 8 col. plates, 54 figs
A classic for the freaks of hallucinogenic mushrooms and literature. Original pictorial paperback; 22 cm
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222 OTTAVIANI, Vincenzo: Andar per funghi. Da aquarelli di Vincenzo Ottaviani (1790-1853). Bologna: Zincotechnica ? 1990
p (1-8), (1-6): 64 coloured plates
Lazzari p 236. - Reproduction of the never published plates by this famous doctor and professor from Urbino. The originals are in the University of Bologna. Paperback; 21 cm
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223 PALM, Björn: Svamp-Katekes, med förord av G. Lagerheim. Utgiven av Aftonbladet. Stockholm: Aftonbladet Tryckeri 1916
p (1-5), 6-22: 13 figs
Uellner 1308. - Original wrappers; 19 cm
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224 PANTIDOU, M.E.: Fungus-host index for Greece. Athens: Kiphissia 1973. (Benaki Phytopathological Institute)
(1-7), 8-382,
Good copy (a corner of front cover creased, back slightly worn). Paperback, 24,3 cm
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225 PAPERS: PFISTER (1979) Genus Wynnea
PFISTER (1980) "Peziza" melaleucoides
MILLER/WATLING (1970) Chroogomphus corallinus
REDHEAD & KROEGER (1987) Hypholoma tuberosum
BURT (1900) Key of genera of Basidiomycetes of Vermont

BARONI (1981) Melanophyllum and Gastrocybe in the Farlow Herbarium
HALLING (1977) Bol. citrinisporus, Leccinum aeneum
HALLING (1987) Rozites colombiana
DESJARDIN (1987) Marasmius salalis
REDHEAD (1987) Xeromphalina nubium

SCHALKWIJK & JANSEN: (1982) Amanita aurantiovelata
KORF & CARPENTER (1974) Bisporella/Calycella/Calcynia
SVRCEK (1948) Helotium suzai, Aleuria pectinospora, Lachnea mariae, Humaria bipolaris
SVRCEK (1949): Sphaerosoma violaceum
SMITH & THIERS (1967) Comments on Suillus amabilis and Suillus Lakei

SMITH & THIERS (1966): The Suillus granulatus problem
WATLING (1969): Paxillus vernalis, Gyroporus cyanescens var.
WATLING (1969): The genus Paragyrodon
LINDER (1933): Tremella gangliformis
HEINEMANN (1968): Chlorophyllum. Espèces congolaises

HEIM (1966): Lactarius griseogalis
KOTLABA & POUZAR (1966) Haasiella, H. spledidissima
MAAS GEESTERANUS (1969) Hydnellum singeri
ROMAGNESI (1967) Amanita lactea
SINGER & SNELL & WHITE (1945) Polyporetus (Scutiger) sublividus

KÜHNER (1952) Mycena flos-nivium (with col.plate)
KÜHNER (1956) Melanoleuca iris
KÜHNER (1950) Pluteus carneipes
KÜHNER (1949) Hygrophorus piceae
KÜHNER (1951) Tricholoma pes caprae Fr

Short papers from different journals, with original descriptions of new species. Partly with figures. Please ask for more details if required. Each paper
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226 PAULET, Jean Jacques & Joseph Henri LÉVEILLÉ: Iconographie des champignons de Paulet, recueil des 217 planches dessinées d'après nature, gravées et coloriées, accompagné d'un texte nouveau présentant la description des espèces figurées, leur synonymie, l'indication de leurs propriétés utiles ou vénéneuses, l'époque et les lieux ou elles croissent. Paris: chez J. B. Baillière, Londres: H. Baillière, New York: H. Baillière, Madrid: C. Bailly-Baillière 1855. Folio
p (i-v), vi-viii, (1)-135: Portrait and 217 plates, 158 hand-coloured
Volbracht 1555; Stafleu 4470; Junk Rara p 181; Nissen 1496; Krieger p 128. - Very rare work with magnificant plates, here with 158 finely hand-coloured and 59 uncoloured. Jean Jacques Paulet (1740 - 1826), a French physician and mycologist, had the text of his "Traité des champignons" printed in 1793, but the distribution of the work started not before 1808 with the first series of the plates and ended in 1835. Paulets nomenclatural approach was not accepted by his followers. So Leveillé (1796 - 1870), a physician and mycologist and one of the discoverers of the basidium, reissued the plates in 1855 with a new text.
The 217 plates of the 1855 edition were printed from the original copperplates, marked with a small imprint "J. B. Baillière", then finely hand-coloured. Some of the original plate numbers were changed. In all, there are 217 plates, numbered 1-204 and 13 bis- and ter-numbers. In this copy, 59 are uncoloued on slightly different paper. 4 plates are present in colored and uncoloured state. The portrait of Paulet on somewhat darkened paper is bound in at beginning. First leaves with minor spotting in margins. With the mycological exlibris of H. S. C. Huijsman on fly-leaf. In all, a good copy in a heavy volume, bound in 19th century half-leather with raised bands and gilt tile on spine (rubbed, binding slightly loosened). 36,5 x 26,5 cm
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227 PEBEYRE, Pierre-Jean & Jacques PEBEYRE: Le grand livre de la truffe. Photos de Margaret Skinnder et de Georges Veron. Collection dirigée par Claude Lebey. Paris: Daniel Briand-Robert Laffont 1987
p (ii), (1-4), 5-159, (160-161): col. figs.
A nice book with receipes by leading French cooks like Haeberlin, Robuchon, Girardet, Troisgros, Vergé, Loiseau or Guérard. Original hardcover; 22 cm
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228 PEBEYRE, Pierre-Jean et Babeth, Sophie BRISSAUD: Manuel de la truffe. La truffe est un produit simple. Bordeaux: Feret 2013
1-160: Abb.
Truffles explained by the well-known French truffle-dealer Pierre-Jean Pébeyre and his wife, with a chapter of false ideas on truffles and good recipies. Original decorated hardcover; 18 cm
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229 PEGLER, D. N. & P. J. ROBERTS, B. M. SPOONER: British chanterelles and tooth fungi. Kew: Royal botanic gardens 1997
(i-iv), 1-114: col. photos and linedrawings
New copy in original flexible boards; 20 cm
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230 PEGLER, D. N. & T. W. K. YOUNG: Phyllogaster gen. nov., an agaricoid member of the Secotiaceae s. str. From: Verhandelingen der Koningklijke Akademie van Wetenschappen 72 (2), 1969
222-230: 1 plates, 10 figs
Original description of Phyllogaster pholiotoides. Inscribed by Pegler on cover. Wrappers; 24 cm
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