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1 ARPINIS, Arv.: Untersuchungen über die in Lettland gefundenen Saprolegniaceen nebst Bemerkungen über einige andere Wasserpilze. Acta Horti Botanici Universitatis Latviensis. IV, 1929
(201)-246: 3 plates
Original wrappers. Inscribed by the author. 24 cm
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2 ASTIER, Joseph: Richesses mycologiques de la Provence avec quelques especes limithrophes et de la Corse. Thesis. Marseille: Lamy 1975
(i-iv), (1-2), 3-253, (1-2), (i)-vii, (1-2): 6 col. plates with 108 col. figs
A hectographed thesis in paperback. Quarto 32 cm
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3 ATKINSON, George Francis: Studies of American fungi: mushrooms edible, poisonous, etc. Recipes for cooking mushrooms, by Sarah Tyson Rover; chemistry and toxicology of mushrooms by J. F. Clark. Third edition. New York: Henry Holt and Company 1911. p (i-ii), iii-v, (vii), (1)-323: 250 figs on plates and in the text
Uellner 36; Stafleu 205. - Old cloth, rubbed; 24 cm
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4 ATLAS BSMF: Atlas du Bulletin de la Société mycologique de France. Paris ? 1926-1980
92 coloured plates with text
92 coloured plates from the "Atlas" of the Bulletin de la Société mycologique de France, with the corresponding text. Most plates depict Cortinarius or Boletus-species. Authors of plates are Malençon, Peltereau, Kühner, Imler, Heim, Essette, Berteaux, Bon and others. From the collection of Maurice Roger, former librarian of the French mycological society. Good condition. Inserted loosely in a modern folder; 23 cm
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5 BAMBEKE, Ch, van: Aperçu historique sur les espèces du G. Scleroderma (Pers. p. p.) emend. Fries de la flore belge, et considérations sur la détermination de ces espèces. Ex Bull. Soc. Bot. Belgique 43, 1906.
p 104-115: figs
Volbracht 50. - Added: Bambeke: Pisolithus arenarius Alb. et Schwein. (Polysaccum pisocarpium Fries). Gastéromycète nouveau pour la flore belge
Extrait du Bulletin de la Société royale de botanique de Belgique, tome XLII, 1904-1905, deuxième partie
(178)-183 (1-6): 1 Tafel
Or wrappers, cover detached. 23 cm
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6 BARKMANN, J. J. : Paddestoelen in Jeneverbesstruwelen. Reprinted form Coolia 2 (1-3) 1964
p 29: 17 figs
Uellner 48. - On fungi in Juniper bushes. Original wrappers; 22 cm
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7 BARLA, Jean Baptiste: Les champignons de la province de Nice et principalement les espèces comestibles, suspectes ou vénéneuses, dessinés d'après nature et decrits. Ouvrage orné de 48 planches lithographiées et coloriées. Nice: Imprimerie Canis Frères 1859. Oblong Folio
p (i), (i)-lv, (1)-138, (1): 48 col. plates (1 hand-coloured, 2 in handpainted copies, the others chromolitographed)
Volbracht 59; Stafleu 309; Uellner 50; Stiftung für Botanik 27; Nissen 77; Trimbach: Barla et la mycologie. In: Annales du Muséum d'histoire natuelle de Nice, Tome XI, 1996. - Barlas iconography on the fungi of the Provence in Southern France is his first book on fungi and much rarer than his later "Flore mycologique illustrée. Les champignons des Alpes-Maritimes". The author was co-founder and director of the Museum d'Histoire naturelle de Nice, famous for his works on fungi and orchids. This copy is the second issue with chromolithographed plates, inscribed by the author on fly-leaf. Two plates (33 and 48) replaced with handcoloured copies from the hand of a former owner. Title possible from another copy, the paper of plates a bit darkened as usual. Otherwise a good copy, bound in contemporary leather with blind embossed, gilt title on cover. Rubbed, with traces of use, back repaired. Oblong-Folio. 26 x 35,5 cm
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8 BAUER, Veit Harold: Das Antonius-Feuer in Kunst und Medizin. Basel: Sandoz 1973
(1-2), 3-129; 130: partly col. plates and figs.
A fascinating study on the history of Ergotism. The book covers the medical history of the disease caused by bread poisoned with Claviceps purpurea, its representation in art by Breughel and Hieronymus Bosch, and the role of the Order of the Antoniter in the treating the victims. With many quotes from historical sources and reproductions of old paintings in colour. This is the rare first, original edition of the work, later republished by Springer. Original paperback; 29,5 cm
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9 BAUMGÄRTEL, Traugott: Mikrobielle Symbiosen im Pflanzen- und Tierreich. Braunschweig: Vieweg 1940
iv, 132p, figs
(Die Wissenschaft 24)
Uellner 64. - Original half-cloth; 25 cm
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10 BAVENDAMM, Werner: Neue Untersuchungen über die Lebensbedingungen holzzerstörender Pilze. Habilitationsschrift ... Forstliche Hochschule Tharandt. Mit 8 Abbildungen im Text und 3 Tafeln. Sonderabdruck aus dem Centralblatt für Bakteriologie. Abt. II.Bd. 75 u. 76. 1928
Jena: Verlag von Gustav Fischer 1928
(i), (425-426), 427-532; (172)-227: 2 plates, 8 figs
Volbracht 96; Uellner 66. - Original wrappers, cover worn., 23 cm
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