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JUNIUS, Hadrianus (Adriaan de JONGHE)

Phalli, ex fungorum genere in Hollandiae sabuletis passim crescentis.
In: Epistolae, quibis accedit ejusdem vita et oratio de artium liberalium dignitate; nunquam antea edita.

Dordrechti: Apud Vincentium Caimax, Bibliopolam 1552 (1575 >)

12mo. 12 x 6,9 cm

(i-xxvi), 1-648


Collected edition of Junius‘ works, with the reprint of his paper on Phallus hadriani (1564), but without the plate. The work is the first publication on a species of fungi. The date 1552 must be wrong, the book was published only after Junius‘ death in 1575. Our illustration is from Sterbeeck (1675).
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