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A choice of the nicest, rarest and most important mycological works

PERSOON, Christiaan Hendrik

Abbildungen der Schwämme

Berlin: Pauli 1790 -1793

3 instalments in one volume. , 4o. 26,5 x 21,5 cm

30 engraved and handcolored plates

Rarissimum. The anonymously published work was intended as an atlas to G. F. Hoffmann's „Nomenclator fungorum“ (1789), and Hoffmann was for a long time considered as the author of both works. In fact, it is the first work on fungi by Persoon. The first 20 plates are copies from Bolton‘s „History of fungusses“, the last ten are by Persoon, who added the names of the fungi in pencil on bottom of the plates.

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