Die Bibliothek der Pilzbücher

(The Library of Great Mushroom Books)

Einband Mykolibri Moeller Pilzbuch
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Bibliographical catalogue of the Christian-Volbracht-Collection
The Standard Bibliography fort old mycological literature

New: Volume 2 Addenda (2017)

600 new entries, addenda, commentaries and index for volumes 1-2

116 pages with 100 illustrations, mostly in colour, including 20 full-page plates. Format in-Quarto. Cloth with dust-wrappers

Price Euro 105

Volume 1 (2006)

3000 iconographies, books and prints from six centuries (1481-1959)
For collectors, antiquarians, librarians, mushroom-lovers and mycologists
Limited edition, including a Special edition and a Deluxe-edition with original plates from old mushrooms-books
528 pages with 450 illustrations, mostly in colour, including 90 full-page plates
Format in-Quarto (DIN-A-4). Cloth with dust-wrappers

Contents: Introduction and systematic overview: Catalogue of 2300 entries describing 3000 books and papers with bibliographical references and many commentaries about rarity and content. Bibliography with more than 100 entries.
Introduction and glossary added in English translation.

Limited edition of 750 copies, numbered and signed by the author with Coprinus ink after the recipe by Pierre Bulliard (1792).

  • Regular issue: Euro 140 plus postage
  • Special edition: 50 copies with an original plate from Bulliard: Herbier de la France or Schaeffer: Abbildungen der Schwämme. Euro 220 plus postage
  • Deluxe-edition: Still 5 copies with a large-format-supplement with 22 original coloured plates from mycological works. Euro 540


Volume 2 Addenda: Euro 105
Volume 1 & 2 Addenda: Euro 200

Regular edition volume 1
Special edition volume 1 with vol. 2 Addenda
De luxe edition volume 1 with vol. 2 Addenda

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